What It Is:

Obesity is the condition of having too much body fat. It can be caused by overeating and lack of activity but also commonly involves toxicity and hormone imbalances. Extra body fat, especially around the midsection, can make you more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancers.

How Chiropractic Can Help:

Chiropractic care does not change your lifestyle: You do. Our clinic provides simple, sustainable programs that address nutrition, exercise, toxicity and the neurology that contribute to a healthy hormone response. Through integrated programs, our patients commonly lose weight, get in the best shape of their lives and reverse lifestyle-induced disease without fad diets and harmful medications.

Why Maximized Living?

Chiropractic focuses on the health of your spine and central nervous system. But just as your health is more than lifting weights or eating healthy, chiropractic offers much more than spinal care.