What It Is:

Diabetes is the presence of constant high blood sugar levels. In your body, the hormone insulin is used to take glucose (a type of sugar) from your bloodstream and put in into your fat, liver and muscle cells. When your body stops producing enough insulin to carry out this process, or when your cells stop responding to the insulin, the amount of sugar in your blood remains elevated.

How Chiropractic Can Help:

Blood sugar levels are constantly fluctuating based on how your body responds to physical, chemical and mental stress. Physical stressors such as pain, poor posture, injury or being overweight can cause blood sugar levels to be elevated. Chemical stress such as poor diet and exposure to toxins will elevate blood sugar levels through the stress response as well. Emotional stress is one of the most common forms of stress which also has an impact on blood sugar levels. Chiropractic care looks to boost and normalize how your body responds to stress, which can naturally lower blood sugar levels.

What to Expect

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