What It Is:

Every day we have cancer cells produced throughout the body. We are not defenseless as our immune systems function is programmed to seek, identify and destroy cancer cells that occur naturally. Cancerous cells can divide quickly when the immune system is depleted by stress, poor nutrition, lack of physical exercise, toxicity and improper neurological input.

How Chiropractic Can Help:

Our lifestyle, diet, exercise regimen, stress and the health of our nervous system all play an integral role in boosting one’s immune system. These factors also promote healing and balance critical hormones that play a deciding factor in the development of cancer. Many cancers are slow-growing.

The Value of Spinal Correction

While the body can go days without water, weeks without food, and minutes without oxygen, it cannot last a second without proper nerve supply. The central nervous system controls all health and healing; your spine surrounds and protects it. Find out how your spine relates to your health.