Employees are the life-blood of every company, small or large. And they need to perform like Olympic-Level athletes for any company to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, the average company suffers deep financial loss due to employee absenteeism and performance loss. 

  • The National Headaches Foundation noted that half of respondents of a 2008 survey stated they miss 1-3 work days per month due to headaches, and headaches cost companies nearly $17 billion annually due to absenteeism, lost productivity and medical expenses.

  • 50% of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.

  • Musculoskeletal disorders account for 34% of all lost workdays, and account for $1 of every $3 spent for workers’ compensation, resulting in a total direct cost of $50 billion annually.

  • On average, it takes an employee 28 days to recover from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, longer than the time needed to recover from amputation or fractures.

That doesn't have to happen... Turn your employees into Corporate Athletes!



  • Team Player André


  • Team Player André



Improve Your Company’s Performance, Productivity and Profitability

Healthy and happy employees are key factors in increasing a company’s productivity and performance which lead to larger profits.Healthy employees are not as susceptible to illness and therefore, do not use as many sick days. Healthy and happy employees perform at peak levels and their concentration remains focused for greater periods of time which leads to better quality work and workmanship. Employee turnover can be a very costly issue for a company.Employees who are valued by their employer are less likely to leave. 

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