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Welcome to
Gardens Family Health Center!


The Palm Beach Gardens, FL based clinic is one of the fastest growing Corrective Chiropractic clinics in the U.S.
Gardens Family Health Center consistently provides people with care and attention through state-of-the-art technology and premier clinic and rehab amenities. Through constant education, training and genuine patient service we press on to help every person in the Palm Beach County area reach their God-given health potential.

We believe in 5 Health Principles. With these, one can achieve greater health:

  1. Positive Mindset
  2. Maximized Nervous System through Spinal Correction
  3. Improved Quality Nutrition
  4. Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle (Fitness & Exercise)
  5. Decreased Toxicity

Much like a country club, being a patient at Gardens Family Health Center gives your full access to our health delivery system. Consistently providing you with all the tools and support you need in more ways than one. From in-house health education workshops, grocery store shopping tours, and recipe nights; our “members” have full access to everything our office has to offer.

Whether your suffering with Allergies, Asthma, Fatigue, Stress, Weight-gain, Back pain, Neck pain, Headaches, Migraines, Seizures, ADD, ADHD, Thyroid conditions, Sciatica, Neuropathy, or more... WE CAN HELP!

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About Dr. McNabb

Dr. McNabb is a corrective care chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens, FL striving to help as many people reach their full God-given health potential. Through being an avid researcher, he consistently and passionately teaches Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter on how the body functions and the best ways to eat and exercise. Through many life experiences he is seasoned and experienced in Chiropractic and the ups and downs people experience with achieving better health.

What to Expect?

Are you considering visiting a chiropractor, but aren't sure what to expect? Rest assured, chiropractic care is both effective and safe. We're on the cutting-edge of the most advanced and latest spinal correction via Chiropractic out there. Whether you have a small misalignment or degenerating scoliosis, we'll develop a plan to help you! Here we will get to the CAUSE of your health concerns and not only help remove the symptoms, but prevent them from ever returning! Schedule an appointment with our Palm Beach Gardens office to see how we are getting such amazing results!

The Nervous System

This intricate system intertwined throughout our bodies is the power supply of life. Proper nerve supply is needed to attain true wellness and can only be attained absent of spinal misalignment. A Vertebral Subluxation is a structural misalignment of the spine causing nerve irritation and resultant alteration in normal mechanical and neurological function of the body.